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Custom Classroom By Angela

5th Grade Reading Comprehension Workbook - Digital PDF

5th Grade Reading Comprehension Workbook - Digital PDF

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Take Your Child's Learning to the Next Level!

Are you tired of reading comprehension workbooks that only scratch the surface? Look no further! Our 5th-grade workbook goes beyond simple recall and knowledge-based questions to target the higher-level thinking skills your child needs to excel in school.

While other books may focus on basic comprehension, our workbook dives deep into analyzing, comparing, and evaluating texts—just like the questions your child will encounter on those tough school assessments.


Give your child the edge they deserve with our rigorous, standards-aligned workbook!


Packed with 32 reading comprehension tasks, this digital downloadable workbook is designed to empower you, the parent, in supporting your child's reading journey.

🎯 Target 25 Essential Skills: Summarizing, Main Idea, Inference, Author's Purpose, Theme, Plot elements, Text Evidence, Context Clues, Poetry, Point of View, Character, Text Structure, Comparing and Contrasting, Central Idea, Drama, Author’s claim, Figurative Language, Genre, Text Features, Setting, Drawing Conclusions, Voice, Word Meaning, Dictionary and Counter Argument

📝 School-like Questions: Multiple-choice, multi-select, short-constructed response questions for invaluable practice.

🔍 Guided Answer Keys: Enriched with teacher tips, reading strategies, and insightful notes.

🎥 Four Instructional Videos: Learn effective strategy implementation at your own pace.

🤝 Parental Support: Navigate exercises alongside your child for deeper understanding.

📚 Prepare for Success: Foster comprehension skills that last a lifetime!


Get your digital copy today and embark on a journey to reading excellence! 



  • 32 reading tasks with passages and questions
  • 32 answer key pages with teacher notes
  • Printable PDF format (digital download)
  • How to use PDF in a note-taking app 
  • Helpful videos covering Introduction, Task Walkthrough, Real-Life Examples, Reading and Writing Strategies
  • 8-week task timeline for structured progress
  • 4 Instructional Videos 


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This product is intended for personal use by ONE family only. It is a digital download, and no physical product will be sent.

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